Which type of fridge should you buy?

Arguably, a refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen appliances today. However, most people grapple with a lot of questions when they want to purchase a fridge. Before you make that purchase, there are a number of factors you need to consider lest you end up paying a lot of money down the line in terms of repairs.

Below are some of the factors:

  • Budget: This is the first step you need to take before starting your search. Different refrigerators have different prices, thus you need to jot down your budget and know the much you are willing to part with.
  • Space: Depending on the place you want to keep your appliance, availability of space will allow you know the size of refrigerator you need to buy. Size of fridge door should as well be your number one priority.
  • Features: What would you want to achieve with your refrigeration set? There are a number of modern features existing in most of the fridges including touch screens, WI-FI, and Ice dispenser sections. You should always be certain of the features you would want your fridge to have as it will impact on your budget.
  • Energy Efficient: While doing your search, you should always ensure that the type of fridge you have settled has an energy star. This will not only help you in saving on energy cost but also help in protecting the climate around your kitchen.

What are some of the most prominent Refrigerators in Qatar?

Samsung, Bosch and LG are the most prominent types available in the market today.

Below are some of the models that you might probably interested in looking at.

Bosch Series:

Bosch products offers you a wide range of products including:

  • Bosch-KGN57VL20M
  • Bosch-KDN46V120M

For instance, Bosch-KGN57VL20M has a no-frost bottom freezer that interest most of consumers. The bottom freezer combination prevents your food from defrosting thus ideal for your vegetables as well, it protects your fruits from condensation. Besides, the product offers you air-fresh filter which is antibacterial and prevents odors within the fridge. With the installed multi air flow, the fridge helps keeps your food taste for long.

LG Series.

When it comes implementation of smart technology, then LG will be your best bet. Being one of the most energy efficient products for instance LG-B392RLHL is made with a cooling power in mind. This appliance will regulate amount of the energy it uses depending on the amount of food loaded. Thus providing an energy efficient ratio. The device does not only provide you with a saving power, but also offers you a silent operations. These are some of the salient features that make LG products unique. The most common LG series fridges found on the Qatar market today include

  • LG- GR-J257SLLV
  • LG- RS554NRUA9M

Samsung Series

Probably, Samsung is one of the leading companies in terms of the number of models of Fridges available in Qatar market today. Boosting of the four door category, Samsung fridge brands offers superb performance and innovation. Besides, it boosts of the most unique full length door with an in built compartment. This allows you to access other compartments without having to open the main food compartment. Some of the most common types of Samsung fridges include:

  • Samsung- RL4353FBASL/SG
  • Samsung- RT45K5110SP/SG
  • Samsung- RS554NRUA9M
  • Samsung- RSA1STMG1

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