Which TV is the best to buy in 2018?

The question on which LED TV is the best to buy tends to be a tough one to answer. The selection of the preferred TV is mostly an individual decision depending on personal preferences and brand bias. There are several companies offering different brands of LED and recently OLED TVS. Most of the features are pretty similar across the brands making it quite hard to determine which brand one should settle for. However there are slim differences that make users to go for a particular brand. So what are some of the features that distinguish the three brands? Which Tv set is the best shot for you in 2018? This article delves into some of the insights of LED TVS: Samsung, LG and Philips.

Which LED TV is the best to buy in 2018?


1. Appearance and Quality

When it comes to physical appearance and quality of TVs, Samsung are majorly considered to be of lower quality by many users. It is quite common for some parts of Samsung to come off after being in use for some time. LG on the other hand is largely made up of a mixture of metallic and plastic materials making it a more physically durable brand as opposed to Samsung. One thing that Philips TV completely beat the other models is its razor-thin shape that attractively fits onto the wall. You literally feel like you are gazing at plain wall equipped with the ability to display images. It delivers especially for movie maniacs.

2. Display

The three brands will give you stunningly satisfactory image display quality. However, Samsung gives a better image display than most LG TVS except for LG’s OLED TVS whose images are bright and clearer. If color is something to go by, LG will be the best brand as it takes color seriously. OLED series are best known for the self-lighting pixel feature that can completely switch off to deliver the best contrast. Philips TV on the other hand is equipped with laser backlight to ensure exclusively accurate display that is characterized by fine images. It never disappoints especially when it comes to movie lovers.

3. Output

Samsung TVs are generally not meant for specific purposes. They score quite well in varieties of uses with its content both broadcast and DVD scaled to deliver 4k image display and low lags. Its speakers are quite low and will mostly call for external output speakers to enjoy it. LG TV gives the viewers a wider angle of view than Samsung besides offering other smart top notch features. The speakers also have a higher density than Samsung. Like Samsung, LG give viewers’ fine broadcast TV as well as DVD. Philips TV has powerful speakers than Samsung and LG. The speakers offer immersive sound system that work create an exclusively theatre experience that delivers the best experience when watching movies.

4. Prices

The prices for each TV vary depending on the size and outlet. It all depends on individual budget and the purpose. Higher pricing is not always an assurance of a better device. Additionally, one should consider their needs as a price should not bar you from getting the ultimate television set you would like to have for your living room.

With the ever advancing technology, different brands keeps on advancing and improving their services to meet consumer requirements. Hence, there is no clear winner of the best TV you should buy. All depends on clients’ needs and the usage.  When in need to purchase a TV set, be sure to unbox it at the shop and have it tested before you carry it away with you.

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