What Qatar means to me. “So if you see, my heart is held forever by this place, she said. I cannot leave. These words are written by someone else but I believe very true in my life too. I love Qatar ??.

This country is my life now, my journey in Qatar started 7 years ago when my husband got an opportunity in Qatar, we were super excited to move from Dubai to a new place.

This country is so beautiful and peaceful where I feel secure to live, I feel secure to send my kids to play out, when we came here we saw boom in construction here, I saw how Qatar has a zeal to grow n make its people to grow, every new day I heard something positive going on in Qatar which made us proud that we live in such a enthusiastic place which gives us positive vibes to grow.

A small country with small population but big dreams, when we came to know FIFA 2022 is going to happen in Qatar that made everyone happy.

Qatar was growing like a new born baby day by day with a new growth phase every day.

Then came Qatar Rail project which will make commuting easy for everyone.

Then comes so many beautiful Shopping malls in last 5 years which made everyone shopping experience awesome with more affordable goods.

Whether we go to Corniche or we go Souq or we go beach we find peace and calmness which makes us happy and healthy.

Qatar was the first country in the world to organize Sports day and give one day holiday to citizens and expatriates living in Qatar to practice sports and keep family and friends healthy.

Qatar gave an inspiration to everyone to stay fit and healthy and give some time for fitness too.

My husband is in construction industry so he got lots of opportunities to make this country beautiful with new buildings construction.

Qatar gave opportunity to people to get new jobs with best salary offer in the world.

When we go to Corniche and see the sea and diversified buildings there it signifies unity in diversity.

Wherever you go Qatari people give respect to every nationality and warm welcome.

Last year when there were lots of problems and false allegations face by Qatar I got inspiration that how such a small country face it with full confidence and how it took it as a challenge.

Qatar realized to be more independent and started producing so many things, food items etc.

Qatar has proved that this country and its people can face tough challenges and prove the world that nothing is impossible.

Qatar motivates me for being positive .

For me Qatar means Qualitative, A reason for being , Tolerant n togetherness, A shining example, Record setting.

I feel blessed to be a part of Qatar.

This country gives a lot to expatriates security, prosperity and happiness too.

This is what Qatar means to me.

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