iPhone X or iPhone 8?

Looking to purchase a next generation iPhone however you are not certain which one to go for? We quite understand your frustration. During its event held on 12th September 2017, Apple announced the scheduled release of three phones. These were; iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and the flagship iPhone X also referred to as iPhone 10. Lovers of Apple’s iPhone models may find it tough to select the model to meet their needs. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X exhibit differences and equally share a number of similarities. Let us take a look at some of them.


IPhone 8 features a 4.7 inch screen with a screen ratio of 16:9. It is also characterized by 1334 x 750 pixels resolution, LCD display with a 65.6 percent screen to body ratio. IPhone X on the other hand features a considerably large screen of 5.5-inch with a screen ratio of 18.5:9. Its display also features a true tone OLED fine quality with 2436 x1125 pixels and a screen-to-body-ratio of 82.8 percent.

The iPhone X has a large display than iPhone 8 although it is more elongated. Those who love larger gadgets will go for iPhone X. The True Tone OLED display delivers fine contrast compared to the LCD featured in iPhone 8. Also important to note is the high resolution featured in the iPhone X which is currently the highest across all Apple phones. The true tone Technology supported by iPhone X balances color to achieve accurate results in ambient light.


IPhone X is slightly taller than the iPhone 8 but they have almost the same thickness. The backs of both phones are made up of glass to allow wireless charging technology. Comparably, IPhone X is heavier than iPhone 8. IPhone X measures 143.6x 70.9 x 7.7mm with an overall weight of 174g. IPhone 8 measures 138.4 x 67.3 x 7.3mm and weighs 148g.


The two phones can deliver almost similar performance internally. The phones also run on iOS A11 Bionic chip. The wireless and fast charge makes the iPhone X and iPhone 8 ideal gadgets on the go. Both phones boast of six Core CPU and GPU that make them swift. IPhone X is equipped with 3 GB RAM while the iPhone X has a massive 3GB RAM. IPhone X thus has a slightly higher performance than iPhone 8. The iPhone X has Bionic chip that can perform a 3D facial recognition. IPhone 8 lacks the face recognition feature but comes with a fingerprint scanner.


There is significant improvement on camera designs for IPhone X. and iPhone 8 have differences in their cameras. IPhone X comes with a 12mp telephoto rear camera that allows 2X zoom and is enables portrait mode. This makes it ideal for zooming photos. The iPhone 8 has 7 mp camera and a 2.2mp front camera.


The top to bottom redesign with a colorful and bright edge OLED screen, wireless charging, and depth sensing camera accompanied with the most powerful processors ever engineered makes the two devices adorable. Based on the above comparison, it’s clear that iPhone X offers more features than iPhone 8. However, it’s worth noting that the price of iPhone X is almost 40.2% higher than the price of iPhone 8 and the final choices solely depends on you.

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