The memories are still clear when I first laid my eyes on Souq Waqif for the first time. It was a feeling that made me realize, Ahhhhh this is Qatar! 

Even so, I couldn’t seem to count how many times I have visited this place. It has been a part of my journey from the very beginning. It makes me travel back in time where Qatar was still a small fishing village back on its own history. Walking on its corridors while crossing different types of strangers and seeing arrays of merchandise presented in every store is a fusion of modern and traditional kick.

I will definitely bring you with me as I journey myself again to this beautiful maze and historic Souq Waqif. Let’s go?


Souq Waqif on the past was a market used for trading activities, so the area is immediately located at the shore to allow boats to access the Souq.

Souq is an Arabic word which means “standing market”. It is a place of tons of restaurants, shisha lounges, spices, golds, perfumes, animals and explicitly traditional garments. It’s architectural design of traditional Qatari style has been preserved over years ago with mazes and undefined geometric pattern as it characterizes.


  1. Score a traditional Qatari souvenir. You can buy different souvenirs ranging from 5QR to 350QR depending on the item that you like.
  2. Imerge yourself to the crowd and eat a traditional Qatari food, you can try Al Mirqab Boutiques for that goodies.
  3. Go around and enter the small alleys and streets to discover different items being sold.
  4. Get up close with animals. See for yourself the falcons, camels, different species of birds in Souq for photo opportunity!
  5. Visit the Art Center for free.
  6. Look for the non fancy crepe but tasty good that costs 5QR!
  7. Feed the pigeons and try chasing them at the fountain well.


Although different restaurants and cafe may be differs on their opening and closing hours, Souq Waqif in general is open until 2AM. Best time to visit is around 4PM when majority of the restaurants are open and you can have a choice of preference of your seat too.

It is located between Al Souq and Grand Hamad Street Doha Qatar.


On a countless times I have visited this place, I would definitely say yes to be here again. Did I forgot to mention that they also put some traditional concerts during weekends too? Souq Waqif is the place where I will always feel that I am in Qatar.

I prepared a video to see for yourself what Souq Waqif is all about. A different perspective but with all the same conserved culture.

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Source: Luckily Lenny