Qatars First World Archaeological Heritage Al Zubarah Fort by Ruchika Dubey

Visit to Qatars First World Archaeological Heritage Al Zubarah fort

“You may not always have a comfortable life and you may not always be able to solve all of the world problems at once but don’t ever underestimate the importance you can have because history has shown us that courage can be contagious and hope can take on a life of its own.“ by Michelle Obama
I feel the above quote is perfect for Qatar and its people. To study our ancestral culture is having its own importance in life.
Qatar is a beautiful country and when it comes to explore Qatar then we always like to know its history, museum and architecture. Knowledge about Qatari people, their culture and their lifestyle comes only when we visit some historical places in the country we live in. So we decided to explore Al Zubarah Fort and town. During archaeological excavations and study it is known that Al Zubarah Fort and Al Zubarah town was there since 18th to 19th Century.
Al Zubarah Fort was added to UNESCO world Heritage list in 2013. A proud moment for Qatar ??. Al Zubarah Fort is worth visiting if we have craving to explore ancient 18th century to 19th Century merchants town. Zubarah is an ancient town located north west coast of Qatar Peninsula on Al Shamal road around 105 kilometers from Doha.
Tourists coming to Doha should visit Al Zubarah as it is one of the largest archaeological sites in Qatar. It is known that Zubarah is the archaeological place to study Qatars past history. Study shows that before the discovery of oil and gas in 20th century Zubarah is the insight to know about social and economic history of Persian Gulf.
We can visit the fort and the abandoned Zubarah town nearby to the Fort anytime. Preferably we should go in between November to February month as it is pleasant weather to enjoy outside. Drive from Doha to Al Zubarah will be around an hour. We can see beautiful, ancient Fort which is made of raw pieces of coral stones especially lime stones and compressed mud. Zubarah is known for pearl thriving, fishing and trading hub.
Besides the Al Zubara fort is the beach. This Fort was for soldiers to keep an eye on surrounding areas and sea. Near the fort is a small museum or a visitor center too which preserves so many archaeological excavations.
I found it interesting and very nice.
As Al Zubarah Fort is The Qatars first archaeological site it is recommended to visit there so that our present generation Is motivated to preserve our ethnic and cultural diversity that will nourish and strengthen our culture, country and history. Children will enjoy their as along with historical facts and excavations there is a beautiful beach where they can enjoy beauty of nature and having fun
In making sand castles on their own.

Qatar authorities and Researchers, Archaeologists are putting lot of efforts to preserve the fort, Museum, Mosques there and by visiting their we can inspire our kids to be responsible to help preserve our historical culture.
It is well said by Marcus Garvey “ People without their knowledge of past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. “ So exploring the abandoned Zubarah town and preserving Zubarah Fort is a great example to nurture our kids with practical skills and to explore history. Educational Institutions, Researchers and archaeologists will love to visit the fort and museum for gaining knowledge and experience with a zeal to preserve Qatars archaeological excavations and work on it.

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