Factors to Consider

Whether you use it for defrosting or just cooking light food, ovens are the heart of every modern kitchen today. Selection of the best of oven appliance seems to be so vast and confusing at the same moment. In Qatar for instance, there are quite a number of brands that are trending and a talk of the town. In this guide, we provide full insight on some of the aspects you need to consider when purchasing a new oven.

So what are some of the factors you need to consider before making that purchase?

  • The size.
  • User Interface.
  • Built in or stand-alone units.
  • Special features.

1. Built in vs Stand-alone Ovens

The first step to think about before making that purchase is whether you need a built in or stand-alone oven. Generally, the choice depends upon the size and the layout of your kitchen. But there are more distinguishing characters between the two features.

  • Stand-alone- These are independent units that stand directly on the floor and the only need a power attachment to the power outlet. The main merit of this type of oven is that they are easy to install in an already existing kitchen. It is mostly ideal for people moving to new apartments and do not need to change the kitchen layout or design. On the downside, it limits your creativity on how you would like to arrange your kitchen.
  • Built in: These types of ovens can either be mounted on the walls or just on a bench. They provide greater flexibility and give you the leverage to organize your kitchen the way you would want it to be.

2. The Oven Size

Depending in the type you have chosen, most standard stand-alone ovens comes in different sizes. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you should not be worried, there is a size that will fit in your kitchen. Besides the general size, you should ensure that the oven cavity is good enough to take care of your demands. Also, you should check out for the number of shelves layout. The shelves should provide the right temperature for the food you want to cook.

3. Electric vs Gas Vs Steam

Mostly, electric ovens are more affordable than there gas counter parts. Additionally, they offer a great deal of features full of versatility. On the other hand, for gas ovens, it means your kitchen should be connected to a gas utility. One of the merits of using gas oven is that it the heat produced is mostly moist which helps in reducing the risk of drying out your food. Furthermore, gas ovens heat faster than electric gas. Besides, it provides you with a better regulation for temperatures. However, in the recent past, we have seen a resurgence of steam ovens. This type of heating helps in retaining the foods natural nutrients.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Most ovens in the market today have a self-cleaning mechanism. The two known mechanisms are either pyrolytic or catalytic. They both involve heating the oven to high temperatures to burn out the fats or food particles available into ashes.

The other features to consider include:

  • Cooking presets

Mist electric ovens have pre-programmed cooking schemes. The presets are always set to particular foods hence you need to read through the manual to know how the presets work.

  • Safety

To avoid any accident within your kitchen, you need to ensure you choose an oven with a built in switch off mechanism. This will ensure the oven switches off after the timer runs out.

  • Lighting

Oven lighting is one of the important features you need to check out. Make sure the there is a bright lamp inside the oven that will provide you with a clear view of the food.

After knowing some of the important features in ovens, what are the most common brands in Qatar?

Bosch series

The most common brands of Bosch products available in the market include:

Bosch-HSG736357M: Made of stainless steel, it is a freestanding cooker fitted with 5 burners. Besides, the cooker has a full flame safety with the burners working at 3.9kW.

Bosch-CKR HSB738356M: With a wide range of 8 heating modes, this stainless steel cooker offers an electronic temperature and time of the day displays. Besides, it supports a cast-iron pan for maximum stability.

LA GERMANIA-TUS95C31DX: Made in Italy, this stainless steel with a glass lid work top is one of the best ovens in the market today providing a wide range of features including a grill. The 5 gas burners burns at a 4kW.

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