Mother’s Day is celebration honoring our mother, giving respect and thanking her for her love, care, compromises made for our family. Leaving her job/ professional life, going through all the pains of maternity and giving birth to a child with a smile is her strengths she had.

I too wanted to wish my Mother “Happy Mother’s Day“and thank her with what she had done for me since she gave me birth till the time she was alive. But I am not able to wish her as she left me 4 years before. I lost my most valuable gift from God i.e. my mother.

I want to share my feelings with everyone who have their mothers with them just to realize that when she is there with us we may not feel the love and how she pampers us. But we should always celebrate every day as the Mother’s Day. Every time she is just giving her selfless love for family.

When my mother was there I didn’t realize the way, she loves me. I always thought mummy i am a big girl and even mother of two please don’t pamper me so much. But now every second I miss the way a mother cares for us, want to know about our whereabouts, want to cook for us what we like most. What she did for me looks a routine to me and I never thanked her for that but now i want to thank her and wish her through the bottom of my heart and soul “Happy Mother’s Day“.

“A mother is she who can take place of all others but whose place no one else can take. “

Now I miss her a lot. A mother can be a friend, mentor guide or a teacher but a friend or a mentor or a teacher cannot replace mothers place. I feel grief of what have i lost forever. With my mom i shared everything, she was my best friend, my soul with whom I share my dreams, emotions and my needs too. She always tried to her best and do the needful by any means.

Mother is loving, strong, selfless and sincere to give her 100 percent for family n kids. Now being a mother I myself trying to do the same. My message to my friends and to the whole world is that please understand the value of mother. Mother is the one who makes us a good human being, successful person in life. Mother is our first inspiration for selfless love.

Every moment of life we should live with our mother. We should thank her to be with us like a shadow, thank her to give us shine in our life like the Sun gives light selflessly, to give us the glory and peace like a full moon gives us. If we are successful to thank her by our love, smile and loving gestures she will feel she is successful in every aspect if her life.

I want to wish every mother “Happy Mother’s Day“.

Mother is the one who makes us perfect. She is the major contributor to the growth of family, society, nation and to the whole world. God is everywhere, and we can see in every mother.

For me my mother is my best friend and now she is an Angel watching me every time. I know that my mother is always there beside me with her love and blessings.

My message to my Mom is i miss you and love you. Happy Mother’s Day and thankful to you for your efforts to make me a good human being. My message for my kids is that I promise you both that being your Mom I will be Marvelous, Outstanding, Magnanimous.

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