Getting the best microwave kitchen appliance maybe a sheer overwhelming task especially with the many number of brands available in the market today. Before you purchase any appliance, it’s imperatively important to decide on exactly what you would wish use your microwave for? How many people would you like to cook for? Do you have an ample space? What model would you like to have? Do you simply need a simple cooking model for cooking ready meals or reheating them? Or would you want to have extra features that can handle grill capacity? Well, if you can answer some of the above questions then precisely you have an idea what type of device you need to buy.

Once you settle on some of the cooking companion features, you can as well consider some of the extra features that will make your microwave look unique. The other features that you need to take into consideration include:

Design: The two most common microwave designs in Qatar include- under the cabinet and counter tops. The counter top microwaves are smaller in size and are mostly less expensive. However, this depends with the marque and type of technology used within the device. Mostly, there are some microwaves that are digital. This provides you with an opportunity to vision the time and temperature as you heat your food. Besides, there are some which are basic and will only allow you to dial and set up the timer for your food.

So, what are some of the best pick microwaves readily available in Qatar market.

Samsung Series

Samsung Microwave Oven (MC455THRCSR) is probably one of the best picks I have today. Why would it make the best pick anyway? The appliance is made up with a ceramic enamel which is hygienic and easy to clean. The interior design is simple and durable. The inside surface is smooth thus making it exceptionally effortless to clean and wipe off oil and grease. Besides, it does not discolor even at humid temperatures. Additionally, the product has an in built antibacterial coating that inhabits growth of bacteria. Besides, the product is built up with unique sensors that will help you prepare your recipe to perfection. The smart sensor technology allows automatic detection of level of your food and humidity that helps in setting up the optimal cooking power and time. The other Samsung brands include:

  • Samsung-ME732K/XSG
  • Samsung-ME6194ST


Panasonic is one of the re-known brands in the electronic segments. One of their latest performing brands is NNCD671M microwave. The appliance is with customers need in mind. It is easy to operate and stylish at the same time. The products comes with a stainless cavity steel which assist in keeping the product clean from bacteria’s. Besides, it has a larger capacity of about 27 liters which provides you with enough space.

LG Series

The LG series provides and smart inverter technology provides you the precise power for reheating, defrosting and cooking with a variety of fast range of foods. You can heat your food even to high temperatures and still get the best tastier and satisfying dining experience. The LG series include:

  • LG-MS4295CIS
  • LG-MS2535GISW

We picked the best brands that are currently the best customers preferred choices in Qatar market. Did miss one out, kindly share your thoughts about this article in the comment section below.