Mangroves Qatar Purple Island Al Khor

Mangroves Qatar

Thai fisherman from Andman Coast once said “ If there are no Mangroves, then the sea will have no meaning. It is like having a tree without roots, for the Mangroves are the roots of the sea. “

We live in Qatar. It is said that Mangroves are one of the magical places in Qatar to visit. Mangroves are located on Purple Island North East Qatar.

We are living in a country where desert is all over. But Near Al Khor we can see Mangroves which are green and we feel it worth visiting as a good greenery place. I am writing this article to share my views to save Mangroves as it is one of the natures treasure.

Mangroves Qatar are incredible plants which are able to grow in saltwater. Mangroves serves as habitat and Sanctuary for birds , fishes and Shrimps as they find food and shelter. Mangroves have 4000 years of archaeological history.

In Qatar Mangroves are dense near Purple Island. Purple Island is also known by the name Jazirat Al Ghanem. How the Purple Island name came in existence is an interesting history. About 3000 years ago people used to make Purple dye from Murex snails. On this Island Purple flowers blossom every spring.

We can visit Mangroves to show our kids natural wonders. Best way to see Mangroves is Kayaking. Beautiful place and to make kids learn how to conserve nature and protect marine life and wildlife too. Purple Island is home for migratory birds and Conservation Area.

Driving from Doha to Al Khor and continuity towards Al Thakira we can reach Purple Island. Nowadays Outdoor activities have been started there. Walking through the Mangroves, Paddling , swimming are part of adventure there. Best time to reach there is afternoon and enjoy kayaking. Children will enjoy their. Before sunset the view is awesome. It is recommended to watch Mangroves during and shortly after high tides.

As we go watch Mangroves we should take care of the do’s and don’ts there. Cleanliness is to be taken care of if we go and do camping too. As plastic bags are harmful and can damage sea life we have to keep in mind that no trash is left on Island.

I was just going through the information about Mangroves some days before and i was impressed by reading about a

17 year old girl Lina Al Tarawneh. She is founder of one of the non profit organization GREEN MANGROVES to save Mangroves in Al Thakira. Pink Flamingos and Hermit Crabs are to be saved along with Mangroves. She took initiative and put lot of efforts to save the natural world. This is impressive and I believe we should also be responsible to save and conserve nature. Mangroves are guardians for human civilization and they also protect worlds atmosphere from climate changing forces of Green house gas. Save Mangroves and protect count less lives.