Long Live Qatar

I remember those days when we as an expatriate felt lucky to be a part of Qatar. Qatar is believed to be fastest growing country around the globe, everyone in Qatar felt that this is the right place to live. A peaceful place to live in where there is stability and economy is growing very fast.
Expatriates get everything from all over the world easily in Qatar whether it’s clothing, jewelry or food stuff from any country, children get exposure to mingle with other nationalities and enjoy food from all over the world without any ease.

Everyone feel secured and happy, we recommend our relatives and friends to come to Qatar.
Last year same day i.e 5 th of June 2017 everything changed with one news that there is a blockade in Qatar, my kids didn’t even know what does blockade means, everyone was panicked and worried about their jobs and what is going to happen next, a feeling of insecurity came, there were rumors about lacking of jobs, food stuff and even questioning about stability of the country came in everyone’s mind.

When some problems come on a country then obviously it is not only the country but it means for everyone living in country, everyone united and withstand for Qatar. Hardly some days passed by and what we see in this tiny country, Qatar has shown that we are not dependent on others for anything. For its people and for maintaining the sovereignty of the country Qatar can do everything, known for richness not only financially but also mentally and morally Qatar will face any obligation and also prove it wrong, with the ease in business with neighboring countries, Qatar realized that being self sufficient is the best option rather to be dependent for all the basic necessities of life, whether its food, milk or vegetables Qatar bought everything for its people from anywhere in the world and even decided to have it’s direct production in the country itself.

When a country is growing rapidly and suddenly and obstacle comes on the way, anyone can panic but Qatar set an example of proving to be independent., facing false allegations by neighboring countries may demoralized anyone but Qatar took it in positive way, for its people Qatar arranged everything and not let people face any problems, whether its air space or land space everywhere Qatar set an example of being strong and united with all neighboring countries, but the defamation on Qatar made the country and its people fight against terrorism, build strong voice against injustice done, face the world and prove them that blaming and defamation can never harm anyone rather it makes us united and strong to face any problems happily, this is to reflect on how to become the best example for self sufficiency.

Now Qatar has its own farm for production of milk and dairy products, also Qatar has lead to sustainable food and vegetable production.
Thanks to Qatar and Qatari government who has managed to get all the best possible for the people of Qatar, being positive and strong made the country better place to live in.
The love, care provided by the people of Qatar for the country made it possible to withstand all false allegations and prove the world that:

“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently”

We wish Qatar all the best for future success and we withstand with Qatar.

Long live Qatar

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