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myQatalog: We provide you with a smart set of tools, to showcase your business and connect you to your community and potential customers.


We are working under Ebdaa Digital Technology, who developed MzadQatar.

Your listings are under users’ radar all the time, which means that whenever the customers search for any word which is mentioned in your service/product description, or if they search for you company’s name on our website, they will be guided directly to your own listing on myQatalog.

You can save big amounts of money, and additionally, your listings get promoted through a one month-period on Google and Facebook platforms, from the date of publishing your listing.

Additionally, we offer native advertisements on myQatalog, where we can write a full professional article about your product or service. The article will be published and linked to your listing.

We are offering several packages, where you can pick and choose any – or you can combine them and we can agree on the rate thereafter!



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