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Gate To Wellness is a health travel facilitator based in Doha, Qatar. We specialize in facilitating health, medical and wellness care with the world’s leading consultants, surgeons, hospitals and wellness centers.
As a Certified Medical Tourism Member, Gate To Wellness has established relationships with internationally renowned professionals and facilities in Switzerland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Malaysia and Thailand. Our network continues to expand in line with our quest to deliver our customers with the finest health, medical and wellness care available.

Gate to Wellness: Services

The range of services currently on offer includes the following:
Medical Services
• Medical treatments and procedures
• Medical second opinion
• Rehabilitation
• Addiction management
Wellness Services
• Health check-up according to your needs, age and gender
• Wellness treatments including, but not limited to, weight loss, detoxification, rejuvenation
• Lifestyle Management for individuals or groups, for example weight management, stress and burn out and sleep diagnostics

In the provision of all services, Gate to Wellness customers can expect:
• Access to the world’s leading accredited hospitals, clinics and doctors
• All facilities within our network have been personally inspected by a member of our team
• An understanding of the special needs and requirements of patients from the Middle East
• An utmost respect for their privacy and the confidentiality of all personal and health information
• Access to multilingual staff, including Arabic speakers
• A willingness to listen to their concerns and the provision of tailor-made services

With Gate To Wellness, your only concern is your health; we take care of the rest.



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