Mass Mail Servers

Mass Mail Servers

Cheap Email Marketing Services

E-mail marketing offerings were around for decades. To ship your subscribers a group of emails, it may be less expensive to choose a charge consistent with. MMS Present Cheap Email Marketing Services with flexible and convenient Plans.
Choose best email marketing plan for as per your requirements and budget. You will only pay for what you will use.
MMS offer cheap email marketing service with fast email delivery Speed
We have the best bulk email friendly network and clean warmed ips hosted at branded new hardware.
All Plans also include:

 Free SPF Setup
 Free DKIM Setup
 Free rDNS Setup
 Free DMARC Policy Settings
 Free Feedback Loop Setup
 24×7 Support (Email, Ticket, Chat)
 Dedicated IPs (Optional)
 SSL/TLS connection support
 Send From your company email address
 Tracking ( Opens, Bounces, Clicks, Unsubscribes)
 Bulk Email Friendly Network
 Warmed IPs
 DDOS Protected Network
 Dedicated Account Manager
 SSL Protected Access

For big email marketers to send 25 million emails per month.

EM – 04
 For big email marketers to send 25 million emails per month.
 $5000/mo
 25 Million Emails/month
 6 Million Subscribers
 Emails TEXT + HTML
 Dedicated IP’s Optional
 Secure SSL Access
 Free Email Account

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