Kid’n Around Kindergarten

We are in the business of effecting change in small minds for a bigger future.

WELCOME to Kid’n Around Kindergarten, situated in the heart of Doha, Qatar. We are a purpose built kindergarten in the North Khalifa Area. We are very proud of our program and look forward to have your family become part of our kindergarten family.

Kid’n Around Kindergarten

A happy, independent and enthusiastic learner, are the qualities we will instill in your child at Kid’n Around Kindergarten, an accredited kindergarten that is in partnership with reputable schools.

Kid’n Around Kindergarten is a place where adults and children grow and learn together in a nurturing and creative environment. Our values reflect our belief that children learn best in a rich environment that focuses on the interweaving of cognitive and creative ways of thinking and learning.

Our Vision

We are in the business of effecting change in small minds for a bigger future.

Our Mission

Our principles are embodied in the curriculum design and general learning environment. The instructional delivery is organized around learning centers where opportunities are provided for children to acquire skills and concepts involving problem-solving, questioning, decision making, evaluating, and discovering to help the child:

  • Develop a positive self-image.
  • Achieve intellectual growth.
  • Expand his/her world of people, experiences and ideas.
  • Increase competence and skills in listening, thinking, and speaking.
  • Increase physical coordination skills.
  • Cope with social and emotional situations.
  • Increase his/her level of independence and self-direction.
  • Develop trusting relationships.
  • Develop his/her natural curiosity and creative potential.



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