Life Story in Qatar

It was mid 2010 when first stepped on to Qatar airways to reach Doha. Living most of my life in Saudi Arabia I slashed expectations. When I learned that my fiancée had to move to Qatar for work, I sceptically questioned, Qatar? Where is that ?

Little did I know that I was about to live in a city that absolutely elated me. I fell in love with the tall buildings , beaches right beside sand dunes, gorgeous skyline and I should also mention the karak that restores every cell in your body.

We were watching the FIFA announcement about Qatar hosting 2022 and right after that we were stuck among cars honking and celebrating the victory. The next few days everyone knew where Qatar was. I honestly couldn’t make a lot of friends as I became a stay at home mum of 3 children but managed to find few , who liked this place for what it is and we had our own things to do.

Since my parents are living in Saudi, they would visit me during school breaks, but we hadn’t had the opportunity to meet after the blockade as it has become a hassle for either of us to go to each other’s cities. So just like many others I’m one of those eagerly waiting for the blockade to be lifted. It makes me proud and thankful to live in a country that has amazing rulers, this country has given me so much, even at the time when I worried things would become scarce , it rose above and managed to offer plenty. I don’t like the idea of comparison.

Qatar is unique and special in it own way, it values education , sports and culture and it’s people whichever part of the world they are from.

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