How to Buy a Washing Machine

Tones of washing machines are available in the Qatar market today. The following brands are some of the most popular ones:

  • LG-F2J5NNP7S
  • LG-F2J5QNP7S
  • LG-F2J5NNP3W

Besides LG, Samsung also has a number of brands that you can always choose from: These include:

  • Samsung- WW60J326LW/SG
  • Samsung- WW70J3283KW
  • Samsung- WW80K5413WW
  • Samsung- WW90K6410QX
  • Samsung- WR20M9960KV/GU

Thus, for most customers, choosing the best washing machine that fit your budget and needs is a quite an unnerving tasks. If you are not a fun of hand washing or probably have kids getting a washing machine would be the ideal solution more especially with the messy kid clothes you get off the hook by just getting the work done at one go. Are you looking for a washing machine and probably confused on what factors to consider before you purchase one? The task of owning one of the best washers is a lot more adaptable when you know precisely what your specific needs are. The following article looks at the features of both LG and Samsung series machines that can help you make a sound thought-out purchase.

So what are the critical features or factors to consider or which model is perfect for you?

1. Capacity

Undoubtedly this is one of the factors that should ring up in your mind before you settle on any washer. Some of the factors that attribute to capacity include, how many people will the washer serve? For instance, if you are living with your family it means you probably need a bigger machine that will serve the whole family. Additionally, the frequency of usage matters. Some people prefer using washing machines almost every day. Thus, be sure to ask if your machine will sustain the workload before you take it with you. Additionally, both LG and Samsung washers have different capacities. Depending on one’s needs you will certainly get a machine that will help serve your needs.

2. The Landscape of the washer

In the market today, we have top load vs front load washers. The two types have significant differences that sets them apart, hence understanding the distinctions will help you make an informed decision. This feature is probably what makes me love Samsung front load (Samsung- WR20M9960KV/GU) it has both the highest capacity and it’s easy to use. Also, LG F2J5NNP7Sseries which is about 7kg provides you with a 6D technology and Add Items option making it best suited for small families. If you forget to add some of your laundry there is no need for you to worry. Through the Add-wash door, you can easily add your laundry. Understanding the landscape of your washer will help gauge the amount of space you probably need to set aside for your washer. For top loading, it is pretty much easy to use since you do not need to crouch down to insert the laundry, subsequently, you can easily pause the machine in case you forgot some items.

3. Energy efficient

Who would like to have an appliance that is not energy efficient within their premises? I guess none. When doing window shopping for the best washing machine that fits your needs be sure to check that the machine is Energy star certified. This will help you know if the machine is energy efficient and will not make you incur exorbitant cost on electricity. Good riddance for both LG and Samsung washers, they are all energy efficient certified.

Apart from the above features what are some of the must have functionalities in your washing machine?

  • Stainless drums- My best bet would be on a stainless steel drum as opposed to others. Whenever you place clothes with metal zippers, it means the drum will not scratch out easily. The metal rivets and zippers may make your drum get nicked.
  • Noise reduction-For machines kept within the living or bedrooms should be mostly equipped with noise reduction sensors. The sensors will help reduce the machine noise through keeping the loads balanced.
  • Lighting– The control panel for the machine should be well lit. This will help you out especially if the machine will be placed in a place that is poorly lit.

In spite of the different types of machines available in the market, you should always look for washing machines that can meet your individual needs ranging from capacity, energy consumption and the ease of operation.

Did you find this article informative? You can leave us a comment on the areas you think are vital while choosing the best washing machine for your laundry.