Bir Zekreet Stone Desert

Ras Abrouq, also known as Bir Zekreet is an area 70 km west of Doha. It has a beach and various archaeological sightseeing. The Bir Zekreet is one of the most extensive Neolithic sites in Qatar.

It is a very popular place for lots of people, who wants to go exploring, camping or love water sports. If you want to explore some very unusual desert geology, then that’s the trip to plan for your weekend!

Remember that for you to enjoy the trip fully, it’s best to drive with a 4-wheel car.

Some of the most popular places in Bir Zekreet are:

Film City, is a place which used to be a fishing village. In 2009 the was rebuilt to function as the set of a Hollywood production or for a local film (it depends on who you ask). It looks like a mini town with plenty doors and gates, wooden doors and a mosque. You can climb up on the top of one of the mud-bricked houses and have a view over the desert and then go down and drink a cup of tea with the local gatekeeper (who doesn’t talk English) but is very hospitable.

The Arabian Oryx Sanctuary, also knows as Al-Maha Sanctuary, is the only breeding place for the Oryx in Qatar. It is located on the Dukhan Highway around half an hour drive from Doha.

The small antelope is considered as the country’s national emblem – such as you can see the symbol of the national airline “Qatar Airways”. At the sanctuary, you can also meet small gazelles and deer roaming freely in their natural habitat.

The beach, is the perfect place to camp for those who likes it or to make water activities.

Hidden Valley, is one of the archeological sightseeing’s which are stunning.

You will get a true taste of the Neolithic sites in plenty of places when you are driving around in the Bir Zekreet desert – and most of the time you will feel like stopping the 4-wheel car to take a photo of the uniqueness hidden around in the stone desert.

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