Paperless scenarios have not yet fully been witnessed across the globe. Thus, a well-designed and attractive printer that can handle your needs is what you deserve. Choosing among the existing types of printers may be a daunting task. However, we have complied a list of the most valuable printers you need to check out within the Qatar market.

So what are the best Buyers guiding factor for printers. You should always pay attention to the following tips while looking out to purchase a printer:

Place of use:

Will your printer be for home of Business? Well, some printers are well suited for home usage as they provide great quality when just printing few pages. While other printers are most suitable for multiple office works as they can be used to print hundreds of pages every day. Hence, you should only buy a device that has features you need.

Laser vs Ink jet:

This is probably one of the biggest consideration you need to make before you buy a printer. While lesser jets printers are mostly suitable for printing test documents, inkjet printers provide full range of color printing. Besides, it provides you with the ability to print photos with good quality. Ink jets come in different ink types. As well, the technologies used can either be thermal or piezo. Additionally, what matters for most ink jet printers is the distinctive feature between the dye and pigment based inks.

All in one:

After choosing the type of printer you want to own, you need to ask yourself if you would want the printer to do more than just printing. There are a number of extra features that most printers have:

  • Scanning
  • Fax and
  • Duplex: the duplex feature allow the printer to print-both sides of the paper. This gives you the leverage not to manually print on the odd pages.
  • Paper Size: Most printers only print on A4 size papers. If you wish to print on relatively larger papers then you will need to seek for more features. Besides, the type of paper to be used also matters when considering your purchase. You should therefore ensure that you buy papers that are appropriate for your printer.

Now that you are conversant with the features you need to look for in a printers, what are some of the best printer types available in Qatar market?

Samsung Series

Samsung-SL-M2070W is probably one of my favorites. The devices comes with an in built laser chrome engine. It is a light duty printer that is fit for home use. Besides, it is packed a mobile printing feature. On the other hand, Samsung-SL-M2070F is a high performing device and is multinational. Other brands of Samsung printers include:

  • Samsung-SL-M2070F
  • Samsung-SL-C1869FW

Canon Series:

If you want to achieve a perfect match with photo printing then canon series printers are your best bet. For instance, Canon-TS 9140 is an all -in one printer that is beautifully built for photo lovers. It offers user a series of services including a smart wireless connectivity. Besides, it is very easy to operate and gives a smart tilting control panel. Other brands of Canon include:

  • Canon- MF635
  • Canon- LBP653CDW
  • Canon- LBP613CDW
  • Canon- MF244DW

HP Printer series:

Would you want to print papers which are larger than A4? Yes, HP-7720 A3 should be in your budget. The device gives you a professional quality colors. Besides, it has dynamic security features enabled in it. However, it is designed to work with only HP chip original cartridges. The other brands of HP printers include:

  • HP-OJ 8720
  • HP-T5820

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