Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone

Android Vs iOS Vs Windows Phone

The past few years has been remarkable for smartphones, with a quick rise of the Googles Android phones, the resurgence of Microsoft release of Windows Phone and with the continuing success of Apples iPhone in the market has just placed consumers on an edge. Never has there been a challenging moment for consumers with so much choices of smartphone available in the market. As result, too much exaggeration and hype has been the order of the day.

So, which smartphone is really the best? More importantly, which one should you choose when you have a myriad of features to satisfy your need as a consumer? If you are looking for a smartphone to buy today, the choice has much to do with the operating system that runs the phone as well as the hardware itself. To help you make the best choice we have put this article to help you understand and make an informed decision on the best device to purchase.

Factors to Consider:

1. User Interface

Apple has always stuck to its long term recipe of designing iOS that is elegant and simple. Also, it marries with the hardware and the operating system in a seamless way. On the other hand, Google has maintained its techie roots. It gives you an operating system that you can customize and tweak to your hearts content. However, this means you can sometimes get confused along the way. Additionally, Microsoft has taken a gamble with its windows operating system by designing a phone that puts access to information at the center stage as opposed to running apps.

2. Openness and getting Apps

Do you need Apps for your phone? Well, Android has an estimated over 3.5M of them while Apple has got more with an estimation of about 2.2M. But, the truth is you probably need a handful of the apps. Windows phone though is still playing a catch up. The way you download apps on from the three different operating systems is a true reflection of the of the companies philosophies. Google, to some extent is maintaining an open policy as possible, while Apple and Microsoft to a lesser extent serve as gate keepers. For Android lovers, you can search for the apps from the Google play store and download them while for Apple you can only download apps from Apple App store. Although if you can as well jailbreak your iPhone. On the other hand, for windows operating system you can download their apps from Microsoft play store.

It’s worth noting that it’s only Google (android operating system) that maintains an open policy which follows development tools that are used to build the apps. However, Apple and Microsoft do not keep and open policy hence the “”Gatekeeper” term.

3. Data Integration and Features.

No much surprise here! Although services such as Calendar, Gmail and Google maps take center stage for android universe. On the other hand, iTunes and MobileMe keep iOS lovers home, and Microsoft services and tools are the primary focus for windows. Notably, beyond this, Android has more feature-rich operating system. Although its best in terms of rich features, its lacks features such as built in outlook integration while the windows OS is missing on the cut and paste features.

4. Customization

Android phones have been designed to be customizable, thus it’s more customizable than both Windows and iOS.  Hence, if you are looking for a brand that is easily customizable then android would be your best bet.

Although the article compares the three different phone, users always have the exact features they are looking for in a phone. Apart from the phone operating systems, which other features are you looking for as a client? Share with us your thoughts. If you would like us to expound on some of the areas that interest you. Just share thoughts and comments about the article and the areas you would want us to expound more on.

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